JBP – “3 more months and my son was back to no detectable Cancer”

My son was diagnosed with brain cancer on May 31st 2017, he was seven years old. It was a stage 4 medulloblastoma and doctors told me my son would die within four weeks if we didn’t act fast.

He had surgery three days later. I did a lot of reading on anything related to Cancers but more about my child’s situation. We chose to use Medical Marijuana along with B.C. Children’s Hospital therapies consisting of 6 weeks, 5 days a week of radiation, followed by 6 weeks of recovery, then an MRI, followed by chemo for 6 months.

The MRI showed he was clear of his Cancer. Nothing detectable.

Up to that point we had been giving our son his oral dose and a suppository daily. We bought our oral medication from a medical marijuana dispensary but we were fortunate to have had the sponsorship of BioMed Botanicals & Doug Burris, and his company. Without Doug Burris and his donation to our son, I don’t believe my son would still be here. I made a choice to stop the suppository before chemo, 3 months later and the MRI is clear. We beat this. 3 more months later, MRI is not good. The cancer returned through the final 3 months of chemo. Devastated.

Within 24 hours I realized that the only thing different is the suppository or the absence of one. We start back up on the suppository that day. There’s no more we can do.

The MRI 7 weeks later showed a mass reduction in his brain and the spot on his spine was gone. No more western medicine options for my child. Doug and his company have kept my child here. 3 more months and my son was back to no detectable Cancer.

Today my son struggles with all the damages that he has suffered, but without people like Doug Burris and companies like BioMed Botanicals, he’d be dead. Simple. I have MRI pics and my son to prove it.